Gain New Perspective For A Clearer Vision Of The Future

I guide organizations and individuals to the clarity necessary to strategically move forward with confidence.


Get the clarity you need to see a path forward and avoid losing your way.

A Strategic Framework

Start thinking differently about how to set and reach your goals.


Gain key insights to get moving in the right direction.

"Tim is a gifted strategic thinker. He listened closely to our unique needs and carefully tailored a process to move us into the next stage of our organizational development. We found him to be exceptionally wise, flexible and we look forward to working with him again in the future!"Executive Director, NGO

At some point, we all need clarity to achieve the future we long for.

Something powerful happens when a leader or group knows the impact they long to make and are empowered to pursue it. When you create space for discovery - in an environment that encourages honest reflection and creative thinking - the proactive strategies you gain will enable you to fully develop and execute the unique contribution you have to offer.

"Tim gave me the clarity I needed for an important life decision. He has an amazing ability to listen, ask wise questions and guide you into (and then back out of) your own story, to a place where you feel more inspired and better equipped to write that next chapter."Executive Director, NGO

How You Can Gain The Clarity And Strategy To Move Forward

Through proven and effective tools and processes ***

For Organizations

For Individuals

Birkman Coaching

For Organizations

Get every one on the same page with an Organizational Plan

Organizational plans use the proven Paterson Method (the StratOp process) to get a clear and cohesive plan for leaders to navigate a dynamic world where disruptive change happens quickly.
Strategically move your organization forward together with a shared vision that everyone understands and is ready to implement.

"Tim is an exceptional facilitator. He is gifted at getting a group of people together, drawing out their unique perspectives and distilling them into a concentrated plan full of deep and rich insights."Executive Director, Elim Village

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    Get A Unique Plan

    We’ll create an effective plan built on a strategic thinking framework to get you where you need to be.

Create An Impact For Lasting Change

When you have the right perspective, either in your organization or personal journey, the path to future growth and accomplishment becomes much clearer and more attainable.Tim believes in the power of a good question and a proven process to achieve this breakthrough perspective

Don't Get Stuck In The Same Place Without A Clear Vision For The Future

By approaching your goals with a strategic thinking framework, you'll have the ability to avoid the common pitfalls that keep many organizations and people from achieving success.

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