Effective Relationships Take Work

Healthy and effective communication in my relationships are really important and easy to get wrong.
My work and personal relationships have so much potential. I don’t want us to just get along. Having a thriving and productive relationship makes such a difference.

I need a trusted resource to understand and navigate the realities that we are different and can still go the same direction together.
There is a way to get insight that can make the difference.

Get the insights necessary to experience meaningful change in the quality of your relationships

  • Assessment

    The BIrkman is a proven assessment that give practical and clear feedback on what interests you, how you naturally engage the world around you and what expectations you have for your environment .

  • Application 

    A follow up conversation focuses on discovering practical implications and applications in your expectations and communication.

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Reliable Information That Will Make a Difference for You

The Birkman Method is a science-backed self-assessment tool innovated over seven decades. It is a proven approach to advance the quality and impact of our expectations, communication and behavior. It is rooted in science, validity, and positive psychology.

Here's How You Get Insights That Make a Difference 

  • 1

    Connect with Tim

    Through a consultation we'll make sure the Birkman is right tool for you.

  • 2

    Take the Assessment

    A proven online assessment you can take at your convenience

  • 3

    Insights you can apply 

    Discover how the results can be applied to the relationships that matter to you.

Relationships That Work

    Conversations that are more effective
    Stronger relationships
    Insights on how to communicate and relate to people more effectively.
    Confidence in how to have deeper relationships

The Cost Of Poor Communication Is Just Too Great

You don’t need to be frustrated with relationships that are confusing with no way forward.Develop the perspective necessary to strengthen your work and personal relationships.